The market is cyclical and right now the market is also cynical. Why not wait for the market to hit “bottom” before you buy? Like in any market the bottom is never as easy to find as you might think. We have a Buyers paradise right now there are more homes on the market in our area than ever. Foreclosures are currently up from last year’s number of foreclosures (So far this year 84 when compared with all of '07 at 74). Any one can really see the market and have their pick of what is the best fit for them. And consider this article of the shortage of rentals in the Durango Herald:


How many people in the “hot market” just settled for something because they were afraid that they were going to lose it? Now the process is more relaxing and if you are looking to buy a home to live in for the long term versus a short term flip. The market will hit a bottom and then it will climb again…Just like in any market. In Durango and the surrounding areas any home owner is buying a lifestyle that can’t really be replicated in many other places. Why turn your dream into a commodity that can be bought and sold like pork belly futures? Find your home and live a little