Okay, trash may not be the most exciting thing to talk about, but the city of Durango's new single stream recycling program is exciting and it has really changed my life!!  I no longer have to run home after forgetting to put my trash our for the weekly pickup or sort through recycling to make sure it's in the correct bin.  I have plenty of trash can space if I accidentally skip a week (We will see how that goes in the summer Peeeww!!).  The single stream recycling program has also expanded ability to recycle an incredible amount of new things which were previously headed to the landfill.  For more information about the city of Durango's single stream recycling program, follow this link for: Single Stream Recycling!

Also, Bears are coming back out so the trash cans need to come out the day of pick-up. La Plata County has been going a little easy on people with 177 warnings and only 2 citations. While I would think that the embarrassment and indignity of having to pick up the contents of your own trash can would be enough, it hasn't been. I hope that the message gets out either through increased citations or a public response to the situation.

This fall seemed like the worst season for bear encounters. It seemed like bears were everywhere in my neighborhood; I rode right by one in my neighborhood while I was on my bike approximately 50 feet away from me. I looked over to see this giant black bear staring me down. Yikes! For about 3 weeks this Fall my two dogs were going nuts as the bear roamed the neighborhood at night. For more information about bears in Durango: BearSmartDurango